Adrenaline Ryker and Slingshot Tours

Why Choose Adrenaline Ryker & Slingshot Tours?

The Adrenaline Valley of Fire Road tour is a one of a kind experience that takes you
through the main gates of the State Park. This 4 hour adventure will help you get away from the hustle and bustle and make some memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and from the comfortable seat of our new Ryker and Slingshot ATVs. These fantastic machines were built with the inclusive idea that everyone can ride, and everyone includes you, so what are you waiting for? Join us and experience the majestic views of natural formations of red sandstone and sand dunes, wild-life such as the buzzards and mountain sheep, and see petroglyphs left for us by the ancient people known today as the “The Basketmakers,” and much much more.

Ryker trike used on the Valley of Fire tours

Ryker Tours

RYKER TOURS LAS VEGAS will take you through Valley of Fire Nevada’s oldest and largest state park in one CAN AM RYKER SLINGSHOTS, offering breathtaking 360 views and access to the main Valley of Fire State park. Enjoy natural sandstone formations created by wind and water erosion. These formations look like giant beehives. Journey along to the Atlatl rock and take a quick hike up the stairs to where you can observe the stunning petroglyphs, rock carvings. Venture on to Arch Rock for great photo ops. Then take a quick brake at the visitor center where you can stretch your legs and learn more interesting facts about the Mojave Desert and purchase some souvenirs. 

Slingshot - Valley of Fire Tours

Slingshot Tours

The Slingshot looks, sounds, and drives like nothing else on the road. Each one is as unique as its driver, serving as the ultimate platform for self-expression. Leave four wheels behind. Get in and make your mark on the open road.

Drivers and passengers get a front-row seat to every twist and turn. With a low center of gravity, open cockpit, and one rear wheel launching you forward, the Slingshot is built to turn the open road into your greatest adventure yet.

Free Lunch & Cold Bottled Water

Complimentary Shuttle Service

The Greatest Scenic Trails

Scenic Spots We'll Be Visiting

The Valley Of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is a remarkable geological wonderland. With unique red Aztec sandstone formations from the Jurassic Period, ancient petrified trees, and 2,500-year-old petroglyphs, it is an area rich in both beauty and history. Continue reading to discover the best things to do at Valley of Fire State Park!

Atlatl Rock

While prehistoric people like the Anasazi most likely didn’t live in this dry valley, they visited to hunt bighorn sheep, gather food, and perform religious ceremonies. They left their literal mark with rock carvings, or petroglyphs, which can be found all throughout the park. Some of the best-preserved ones are on Atlatl Rock, where you can climb a tall metal staircase to view these ancient writings. There’s also bathrooms and a picnic area at this stop.

This is where we take the Lunch Break. Guests will have time to eat and explore the rock where they will find amazing petroglyphs. While petroglyphs can be found all throughout the park, Atlatl Rock is easily accessible and is the best place to see a highly concentrated amount of rock art.

Mouse’s Tank Road

Mouse’s Tank Road is probably one of the most scenic and photographed spots in the park. We went near sunrise so we could get a shot in the middle of the road without risk of being run over by a car, and of course to catch the golden hour. Drones are not permitted in Nevada state parks, so the best way to get a view of the road from up above is to scramble up on the rocks on the side of the road. The Can-Am Ryker lets your inner child play. With a lower seating position, you’ll feel in control and take on every curve.

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